What Is Gener8 Ads Browser and Is It Worth Installing? Who Are The Real Winners?

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Gener8 Ads Main Image
Gener8 Ads, source: gener8ads.com

Gener8 Ads is a company that is placed in the middle between advertisers and users. The idea is simple terms is quite clear: you sell your user data and earn from it. With that said, it is not cash so you cannot withdraw it to your bank account. You can spend the tokens on a voucher or donate to charities.

The main point is that Gener8 ads are selling your data by showing targeted advertisements and earning revenue from it, while you are getting vouchers (I bet those have partnerships too where they actually earn a profit). So it is a win-win for gener8 ads in terms of high profitability margins.

Gener8 Ads browser is using an open-source project called The Chromium Project. It is quite easy to create and use for your own projects. The main feature here is that it gets pre-installed with the Gener8 extension which manages the ads displayed on each of the websites you visit.

Testing Gener8 Ads Browser

So to really get an idea of it, let’s just install it and have a look at how the ads are displayed and how targeted they really are. Here is step by step of how it all looks like and comments about it.

Gener8 Ads Download Page
Gener8 Ads Download Page

First of course let’s go ahead and download it. Quite straight forward.

Gener8 Ads Browser Without Registration
Gener8 Ads Browser Without Registration

When launching the browser I first wanted to check if I can see any ads on any of the websites that I visit. For the purpose of an example, I used bannerTag.com. You can notice that without a logged-in account no ads appear. So let’s go ahead and register.

Gener8 Ads Mode
Gener8 Ads Mode

After approving my email address this is the first screen that I see. I can pick between Rewards and Privacy. So let’s go with “Rewards” just to check the app and see what it really does.

Gener8 Ads Preferences
Gener8 Ads Preferences

They do require quite a bit of information about the user. How are they storing it? Who has access to it?

Gener8 Ads Marketplace
Gener8 Ads Marketplace

In the next step you can see a preview of the vouchers that you can spend your points on. Not my cup of tea so I will pass. Maybe get something better in the future with more points?

Gener8 Ads Dashboard
Gener8 Ads Dashboard

When I signed up I got 11 tokens to spend.

Gener8 Ads Friend Invites
Gener8 Ads Friend Invites

Some of the things on the marketplace are only available when you invite two friends to download the browser. When you do unlock this option, you still have to wait for the countdown to end. When that happens it is a competition of who gets to exchange tokens and who does not.

Reading reviews and comments from users online, I can see that it is not that easy to buy these items. Here is one such comment (as an example) from Reddit user Nervous-Illustrator7: “I’ve only ever managed to cash out £5 worth of rewards from this. I have not got over £75 worth of points which are impossible to cash out for products or vouchers. I can be sat waiting for the timer for the release of vouchers etc and when the time is up they always are “sold out” immediately. I know I’m not the only one with this issue.”

How about that?

Gener8 Ads On bannerTag.com
Gener8 Ads On bannerTag.com

So now after the registration, we come back to the website and now we see some ads. They replace what is originally on the website with their campaigns. Sizes and positions seem to match what is originally set up on the website, so they just replace them with the same sizes in the same placements. Unfortunately, I could only see their direct campaigns that lead back to their own websites’ marketplace.

Gener8 Ads Preference Upgrade
Gener8 Ads Preference Upgrade

Let’s try to get more out of it. I want to see some advertisements. So I selected all of the categories and maximum income. This should get advertisers interested in me, right?

Gener8 Ads Max Settings
Gener8 Ads Max Settings

Oh, and also this is all maxed out. All of the ads per page!

Gener8 Ads On needpix.com
Gener8 Ads On needpix.com

Visited more sites, changed my locations to different countries. Still, only these ads. How sad!

Gener8 Ads Dashboard
Gener8 Ads Dashboard

It does look quite neat when you open up the browser, what do you think?

The Big Problem!

So imagine you own a website (maybe you already do) and your main revenue source is advertising. You sit for days creating content or you have developed an app and are programming tirelessly, you want to get something in return. Logical right? Well not in this case.

They are automatically replacing (modifying your browser experience) all of the ads on any website you visit with their own campaigns (so they are basically taking the money that the owner of the site would earn and take it for themselves). None of the revenue is going to the people who have actually worked really hard and very often it is their full-time job to earn a living from these advertisements.

The more users are installing it, the less the real creators of the website content are losing. Do you know what happens when websites do not earn revenue? They will stop existing or the content will be just such low quality as there will be no financial incentive to sit for hours and create meaningful articles. There is little chance though that the majority of users will use it and there is a high possibility that many of the gener8 ads users were/are using AdBlock anyway as they are more sensitive about advertisements in general.

For website owners, there is an alternative to earning revenue from user data. We see it already happening where you have to pay a subscription on a site to read articles. I rather allow advertisers to show their campaigns and not pay for the content I use – directly. How about you?

For sure the new investment from Dragons’ Den and the exposure it has given will rocket jump the user count. The pitch is smooth and great, maybe even too good?

Here is the pitch:

Their great selling point is that you will see very targeted ads based on the interests you select. This in a way itself is selling your data so you just get vouchers or donate revenue. The real winner in all of this is the actual gener8 ads. Plus, if there are no active campaigns you just see empty containers or their direct ads targeting back to their marketplace where you can switch your tokens to vouchers or donations.

The main point is. If we want creative, innovative, motivated people to continue producing online content we must make sure they can make a living out of it.

What Do You Think?

Are you using gener8 ads and are you seeing targeted ads (could be that they have ads for specific countries like the USA)? Do you think that it should be the actual content creators that are earning the revenue or it should be taken by a company that kind of protects your data? (Does it really?) For now, it really seems like it will be like a game of chess between the publishers and services such as these. There are quite many of them already out there.

These are the similar browsers and extensions that were here even before gener8 ads. Many of these pay you in cryptocurrencies or through PayPal. Here are some examples:

  • Swash – Payouts in crypto, sells advertisements in the browser.
  • Ozone – Payouts in PayPal, sells advertisements in the browser.
  • PacketStream – Payouts in PayPal, sells your free bandwidth.
  • IPRoyal – Payouts in PayPal, sells your free bandwidth.
  • honeygain – Payouts in PayPal or BTC, sells your free bandwidth.
  • Presearch – Payouts in PRE crypto tokens ( can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies.), earn by using their search engine.
  • BitTube – Payouts in TUBE cryptocurrency, sells advertisements in the browser.

Last but not least, here is their promo for those who might be interested:

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