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Framery Office Pod Main
Framery Office Pod One

Framery is a stylish and smart office pod. Using the latest technology that is fused with echo-free acoustics and having the highest insulation standards, Framery definitely stands out as something to desire. With high-quality air circulation (29 liters per second on Framery One), you will have more than for times higher air quality than in occupied spaces (no more yawning, yes!).

Framery Oy is a Finnish company launched in 2010. Turnover in 2019 estimated at around €100m in 2019 (up from €1.2m in 2014; €63m 2018). Almost 90% of turnover comes from exports, more than 15000 (-to February 2019) Framery products have been delivered to 60 different countries. Currently, there are more than 340 people working for the company. Here is a look at how their plant looks like:

Framery Office Pods Plant
Framery Office Pods Plant, Source: Te

Details and Specifications

At the moment there are four types of pods that are available on Framery website:

  • Framery O: One-person module that can be modified with a built-in screen.
  • Framery Q: 1-4 people office pod.
  • Framery Q2: 4-6 people office pod.
  • Framery One: One person module. With adjustable table and simple design.
Framery Office Pod Product Line
Framery Office Pod Product Line

Pods are connected to hardware and software helps to manage reservations, available space. Not only that you can integrate Framerys’ system with your online calendar. Check if the pod is free or occupied. The smart system detects when someone leaves the pod so that others get notified when it is available.

You do not need a wifi connection to this office pod in order to have it synched with the booking system and analytics. It has 4G connectivity built, so no connection to Wi-Fi is required.

Maintenance is an important component when owning such office pods. Having the whole pod connected to an online system definitely helps it. It detects any issues and sends alerts if anything is wrong is found.

Story and Culture

The idea for the business came when two colleagues had an issue with hearing conversations their boss is having and disturbing their space. Noise cancellation is one of the main advantages of this office pod. You cannot hear when someone, for example, is playing ping pong next to you. You do not have to worry about having others hear sensitive information or overhearing you.

Customize It

You can customize the Framery office pod depending on which type you are looking to purchase. The coloring is quite limited, but at the same time, all colors blend with each other really nicely meaning you do not have to be a designer to have it look pretty and high quality. Pretty cool that I can share a direct link to my design, this means that before purchasing I could send it to my colleagues to see if they like them, maybe some functionality is missing? Check out my creation here, looks amazing! Or here (I am just proud of it):

Framery One Office Pod Designed
Framery One Office Pod Designed

How Much it Costs?

The cost depends on the hardware and the type of pod you have designed. When a pod is designed the Framery team will have a look and send you a quote of how much it will cost. Framery office pod designer can be found here. You can add such features as (depending on which version of pod you pick):

  • With or without a chair (Framery O), height-adjustable and normal (Framery One),
  • Wireless chargers,
  • Lan connection outlets,
  • Lock – standard, copper or electromechanical,
  • Built-in display on the wall (Framery O),
  • With or without furniture (Framery 2Q),
  • Type of power outlet
  • Electric System (by selecting a country to make sure power outlets have the right type),
  • Carbon filter,
  • Movability Kit,
  • Door and Table type (Framery Q),
  • Carbon filter,
  • And of course the colors.

Where wood is integrated, it is made from Baltic birch plywood. Fun fact: Did you know that Baltic countries have one of the highest forest land area percentages on the earth? Lithuania (35%), Latvia (52%), Estonia (56%), averaging at 48%. Worth mentioning that, the pods are 95% recyclable!


Not only Framery sells the pods It also has a subscription-based revenue model called Framery Connect. There are two types of subscriptions: free and premium. There is a massive difference between the two types of accounts. Free only has software updates, while premium ($36/€29.95) on top of that has the bookable calendar system, super-fast customer care and two more are coming out soon – real-time analytics and predictive maintenance.

If you bought a pod just for yourself the premium is not that pressing to have, free will just be enough. If you have an office when multiple people will be using it, the premium is a way to go.

Price of The Pod

We cannot really see a price on the Framery website itself, so I did a little research to vaguely find out. An old post on Woodworkingnetwork says that at that time (2017) Framery O costs about $8000 and Framery Q about $17,000. StraitsTimes are reporting that a one-person pod costs $14,000, while four people pod costs $29,000. Quite a bid difference between the two sources. Seems like it can cost anywhere between $8000 to about $30,000 – a vague estimate, I do not know for sure.

What’s Missing?

It would be great to have the pod design studio have a 3D to play around with. Rotate it, jump inside and have a look at how it might feel.

More clear pricing would be a plus, but we have to keep in mind that it is quite customisable and the prices might wary a lot.

Informational Video For Framery One

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