Is It A Boat? Is It A Bicycle? Maybe a Camper? It Is All Of Them!

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Z Triton Boat
Z Triton Boat

Z-Triton is a Latvian startup that has built an amphibious e-camper that offers freedom of using it on the water, on-road, and basically everywhere where a tent could be fitted.

Company was founded by Aigars Lauzis, who has solo cycled more than 30,000km across Eurasia in four years. Initial idea for the company came in 2019 and the first prototype was built.

Z-Triton Prototype
Z-Triton Prototype
Z Triton DIY
Z Triton DIY

This still looks much like a concept and first orders will be shipped in 2022 (Europe and North America), 2023 in other countries. The price for it will be about $14,000 (€11 500), depending on the specification, plus shipping and taxes. Interested? It can be reserved for €300 ($360), so you do not miss out when it is launched. When it starts shipping, you can either have it ready-made or as a DIY kit for easier delivery.

The company has already received more than 100 pre-orders. The manufacturing production model will have many more design elements and functionality improvements.

Z Triton Cycling
Z Triton Cycling

Z-Triton is 100% electric with a range of 50km on land and 20km in water. It has USB charging, a sound system, cooling, and heating. The battery can be charged with built-in solar panels. The max speed is 15.5 mph (25 km/h) overland and 3mph (5 km/h) on water.

Z Triton Camping
Z Triton Camping

Z-Triton has space for two people, pull out your cozy sleeping bags or blankets and enjoy the safety of strong walls and appreciate a view through real windows – make it like home. There is an extractor fan in one of the chimneys, so you can cook inside.

Z Triton Boat
Z Triton Boat

Fold up the wheels, install an electric engine, and in 5 minutes you are ready to go on the water. If Z-Triton runs out of battery, you can use folding oars that are included with the vehicle. If you wish to park it, it has a folding anchor incorporated in the cabin.

Z Triton Trailer
Z Triton Trailer

Z-Triton nicely fits in a small sized car trailer, so you can take it anywhere you wish. It weighs 551lbs (200 kg), most of it is the battery pack.

Z Triton Manufacturing
Z Triton Manufacturing

This is how the manufacturing plant looks like, just what you would expect from such a cool startup! We can see that there is a 3D printer and a prototype of Z-Triton in the works. Some parts of the vehicle are 3D printed with PRO PLA (durable bioplastic).

Check out their video of the demo vehicle:

Safety is important, so are the looks! For that they have a futuristic looking helmet that is fitted with light and googles, and… a plant.

Z Helmet
Z-Helmet, Source:

That’s Not It!

They have more creative products, such as Z-Bioloo. They call it a temple of poop. With a nice, big window that has a panoramic view, your private time will be more like an experience. The compost material goes to the roof, where plants are seeded. A fan sucks in the flowers’ nice smell providing natural air freshening, and a chimney airs out the scent from the compost. The compost is used as soil for the mini garden, going a full circle. Z-BIOLOO costs about $3,650 (€3000).

Z BIOLOO Outside
Z-BIOLOO Outside, Source:
Z BIOLOO Panoramic View
Z-BIOLOO Panoramic View, Source:
Z BIOLOO Concept
Z-BIOLOO Concept, Source:


If you think that Z-Triton is not big enough for your needs, there is also Z-NOKOMIS. It is still a concept, but worth having a look at. Can’t wait for it to be launched!

Z-NOKOMIS, Source:

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