Two Rising Electric Road Bike Companies: Reevo and Ristretto

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Both Road E-Bikes Next To Each Other
Both Road E-Bikes Next To Each Other

One is hubless, stylish, minimalistic, and secure, while the other one is a multi-class electric bike with retro design features that are fitted with the latest technology. Both are just beautiful with their own unique styles and features. If I were to decide which to pick… This needs investigation first.

Both companies are based in the USA: Delaware (Atelier & Tonic – Reevo) and Denver (Beno – Ristretto) respectively. Reevo is in the production stage and will be ready to ship out orders soon, while ristretto is still in the prototype stage.

Now, to begin with, let’s have a look at both electric road bikes separately and then do a comparison between them.


Maintenance would be interesting on this. Those wheels look wobbly. Definitely wouldn’t touch it without independent reviews from recognized cycling news outlets.

And then there is this…

You can already see that the frame covering is detaching itself and the bike is flexing a lot in very important parts of the body. Usually, spokes and shock absorbers (for some) take a lot of the pressure so that the bike itself does not get damaged. How long will this last? We will have to see. Worth to mention Reevo does not really mention the pedaling system, how difficult is it to ride when the battery is drained?

So you are giving away a lot just to have a hub-less wheel. If it is not about the performance, strength, and long-term extreme use, it has other features that might as well save the overall feel of the bicycle.

First of all, it looks unique and slick. There is really nothing surplus.

The focus seems to be on style and security. Reevo has a fingerprint scanner, anti-theft system with integrated GPS motion detection (unless you open that wobbly frame covering and remove the battery, and walk away with a new e-bike), and an integrated automatic lock that is placed inside the frame. How secure it really is? We will have to wait and see when Reevo starts to ship the orders to clients.

Also, one of the things that Reevo mentioned is that they like the fact that you can place a bag inside of the wheel. Not sure who is going to do that, but that’s a plus I guess.

While the company headquarters are in USA, Manufacturing site is in Penang, Malaysia.

Ristretto 303 FS

I mean, just look at it. It is more than just a bike, it is sort of ageless. Night rides anywhere – on the streets or in the tough terrain. Ristretto will only produce 500 of these with ten unique colors.

Ristretto 303 FS W6
Ristretto 303 FS W6

It has an integrated app with GPS capabilities for motor customization and an anti-theft system. With a strong frame, full suspension, including high beam headlights that have a range of 100 yards. If the battery runs out, it has an 11 speed Shimano pedaling system.

I cannot really find any faults.. except. The 303 FS is classified as Class 2 and 3 electric bike. The “race mode” feature which tops the bike at 40 mph is only for private roads/properties.


ReevoRistretto 303 FS
Motor750w (US), 250W (EU)3200W
Max Speed25 mph40 mph
Max Range37 miles55 miles
Charging Time3 Hours6-8 Hours
SuspensionRear and front
Brakes?Hydraulic Disc Brakes

I think the comparison table says it all. Worth mentioning, both of the companies have managed to reach their Indiegogo goals at a rapid speed.

Check both of their Indiegogo campaigns here:

Which Company Do You Think Will Do Better?

Answer in comments.

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