Selling on eBay?

I started selling personalised memory sticks on eBay some time ago. Many things have since happened since then.6 min

Selling On Ebay Image 1 1
Selling On Ebay Image 1 1

While at university I needed some extra cash to pay rent. Not only that, this seemed like a great way to earn extra.

A top-Rated seller with premium listings. It has not been easy to achieve such a thing, it took some dedication but the result is great. The picture below also shows how buyers are not really interested in leaving feedback on average 30% leave it. They usually do leave feedback when either the item that has been posted is really good or a piece of crap.

It was a great starting point to sell such things, but now I am on a move to start selling other items such as electronics. It will be much easier now, because of the premium listings status. The status really helps to sell and eBay advertises your listings with no fee. Here is how one of my personalized memory sticks look like:

I started selling these not so long ago, but I started out with a lot lower quality engravements and memory sticks. In the beginning, I did not know what the frick I was doing, so I messed up many of these little buddies — but no worries I have SANDPAPER! Losing money is not an option!

Here is a type of memory stick that I started out with:

What Have I learned from selling on eBay?

Well, the first and far most important thing to acknowledge is — buyer is almost always right and that is just a way eBay and PayPal works. I always had to remind myself that even as dumb as many people are on eBay(honestly), you have to keep it nice and tidy in terms of messaging them and keeping in contact.

There is another lesson to learn! You don`t always get the best stuff from China’s whole-sellers. (not a surprise eh?!) I noticed another whole-seller was selling wood memory sticks a little cheaper than my other “partner”! So I ordered 50 to check them out. They seemed okay at first, the lid did not fit properly, but oh well it was cheaper! What happened next was, I received messages from my customers saying that the inner of the memory stick had heated up and melted when they tried to unplug it — the inside stayed in the pc and the wooden cover just came off. I was very lucky that these customers were friendly and first contacted me before leaving negative feedback — which for a new seller could be fatal.

Here is one of the messages I received: Hi I used ur USB first time yesterday to upload a client’s photos n the inside just heated up n melted. I need this sorted, please.

And another one: Not happy at all put wedding photos on USB went to take it out of computer only USB was boiling hot and wouldn’t come out then it came apart I had to really pull it out it better not of wrecked my USB port an now I’m late giving USB to the bride as cant give her this.

I had pictures, but for some reason, they are not available to me anymore.


I noticed that I have competition, he was there before I started selling my memory sticks and I saw many flaws in his listings. So I figured out if I provide higher quality service with a better description I would be able to sell more. Before I came in (let’s call him John) John was selling 8 a day or more. After 3 months of selling and gaining customers’ trust I pushed him out for a while and I saw that his sales massively dropped. So I took over!

My first sale!

It was an exciting time, but then it dawned on me, with the price I had put it on eBay I lost money, and later on, I figured out that I was doing the wrong postage type and overpaying. I sold my first items with no profit so the price could be low enough for eBayers to start buying from me even though I had no feedback as a seller. Gradually I increased the price and started selling more, and I retained some customers as well and received repeat orders.

There is a lot more to talk about, but in general, there is no rocket science involved in selling items on eBay.


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