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ONEXPLAYER Handheld Gaming Console
ONEXPLAYER Handheld Gaming Console

A powerful i7 2TB SSD Windows handheld gaming console with an Intel Core 11th-generation processor. The screen is an 8.4-inch Full-HD 2560×1600 (2.5k) pixel monster. ONEXPLAYER has taken it to the next level. Have they, though? Let’s have a look.

Basically, it is a powerful tablet with joysticks attached to it but with pc software (Windows 10).

ONEXPLAYER is created by a company called One-Netbook. They specialize in handheld or small and compact computers and tablets such as these:

One Notebook Computer Opened
One Notebook Computer Opened
One Notebook Computer Closed
One Notebook Computer Closed

Then there is also this beast they call PC Mini laptop OneGx1 Pro:

PC Mini laptop OneGx1 Pro
PC Mini laptop OneGx1 Pro

But the newest product ONEXPLAYER is not much of an upgrade compared to the other of their products in terms of performance, screen size, and looks. Here the main difference is that one is with a keyboard installed, while the other is not.

The video says a lot, so let’s start with that:

The first question to comes to mind is, which are the most powerful games it is able to withstand and be able to perform them without lagging. To answer this question, I had to do some research. Here is a list of some of those games: GTA 5, PUBG, Overwatch, Dota, The Witcher 3, WOW. Basically, you will have to install and use steam for most of the games, as you do on a normal windows pc. Which is great!

You can also order an attachable keyboard so it can be used for other stuff than just gaming. Or it can be used for games that are better to play with a keyboard. Or maybe add this one and look classy:

Something like this (pardon my photoshop skills):


Well, maybe not…

One-Netbook Founders

No idea. I researched all web and could not find who owns this company and for how long it has existed. Weird, right?

How About Aliexpress?

There is only one (the rest are from themselves) I found that comes close to being so strong in hardware is this one:

Handheld GamePad AliExpress
Handheld GamePad AliExpress

It costs around $1000-$1200, which is about 30% more than what ONEXPLAYER costs on Indiegogo now. The price will eventually go up to $1500 when launched globally after the crowdfunding campaign ends. For me this looks more like market testing, seeing if people are interested in it and if the market is big enough this might end up in many stores. The investment in crafting such a product must be impressive, considering how much it takes to develop the design, hardware and brand.

If you wish to check the ONEXPLAYER and consider purchasing it, you can do it through their Indiegogo campaign. The best ones are sold out already – worth mentioning there was not much stock available anyway, only 50 for the i7 2TB SSB console.

What do You think? What could be the future for this company?

Write in comments.

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