Get Fit In Extremely Fun Environments Through VR – Supernatural

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Supernatural VR Workout Game
Supernatural VR Workout Game

Having fun and getting more fit, healthy and feel great. What a great combo. Virtual Reality can really become a part of your workout regime.

Supernatural offers full-body cardio workouts, not only that you can combine them with your favorite music so that not only your body enjoys it, but your ears too! At the moment of writing, this virtual reality “game” can only be run on Oculus Quest (and 2). This is the Oculus version where you do not necessarily need a supercomputer to run games on it. It can be used on its own, to play more advanced games you can connect it to a PC if you wish. It is wireless and perfect for the Supernatural. See for yourself:

Workout Modes

You can switch between different workaround modes, and what’s more, is that there are also personal trainers that are standing with you seemingly in the same environment. By doing these exercises, based on what Supernatural is saying you can improve your flexibility, mental health (by meditating) cardiovascular fitness, strengthen almost all your muscles, therefore, sweating like crazy without even noticing it.

When you try to chase the best results and reach new records there is a high possibility that once you are done with the work out there is no breath and sweat left in your body without you even noticing. Getting fit can be as much fun or even more fun than playing video games.

You can cherry-pick music that you like from a range of themes, styles, and intensities. How about some Rick Astley? (not sure if possible)

Jokes aside,
this can really benefit daily lives for many people who have had problems with losing weight (but always wanted to) and those who just want to stay fit in new ways. It does not have to necessarily be the only type of workout you do, once you get going – new horizons, motivation, self-discipline, and happiness will be a part of your life. Sometimes you just need a little nudge to do something, this might be it! The starting point for many.

Pick from more than 100 workouts, including stretching sessions, meditations. If needed you can queue them up in the Oculus. Track your workout history, check and analyze metrics, additionally, there is a function where you can set weekly goals.

Mind is the body and body is the mind. It all interconnects together. It is perfect that Supernatural has created a meditative space where you can be in this moment in the most wondrous places on earth. Do workouts on your body and relax your mind. A perfect combo!

Supernatural now have 6 coaches that you can choose from. Pick the one you like the most, not only that there are online real-time coaching sessions. (on Instagram though). Choose a type of workout, duration, and go!

They also have an app that is downloadable on your phone.

Supernatural VR AppStore
Supernatural VR AppStore


The comments about the product are extremely good. They even sound like those ads you see on the internet that are too good to be true, promising you the magic pill or getting rid of ankle pain by applying some weird ancient cream that will heal your problems forever.

But this is different, you can really see that it changes lives for many people, it works! This comment from their YouTube promo video tells it very clear, quoting from Michelle Marchello comment: “I love Supernatural. It’s like the cruise ship of fitness. There is a buffet of beautiful places that you can go see, obviously, but also everyone can find the activity that suits their personality, mood or fitness level. There are hard, medium and low intensity workouts. And you can discover what interests you most and go at your own pace. I also love that I can work out whenever I have a small pocket of time or more when I want to really spend a lot more time upping my score. It’s portable, so you can even take it to work for a lunchtime work out, whether you are commuting to the office or working remotely. I don’t remember ever before sweating it out this much and it is way more fun than any other fitness activity I know!

There are many more, just check it out yourself. If you are already using Supernatural, is there something you do not like bout it, if so what is it?

The bad reviews are referring that it is very similar to beat-saber, but does it actually have all the functionality? Supernatural is like getting a full-body workout, while beat saber is more like playing drums. Also, some people are not so happy about the way coaches are doing their bit, maybe a bit too much motivational talking? (some might need it though)


There is a 30 free trial you can get and after that it is $19 USD/month or $179 USD/year). That is about $0.60 a day – 5x times less than a cup of coffee, and 2x less than an average GYM membership! So have a cup of coffee and smash it!

Testing Supernatural (Future Update)*

I will be testing this VR as it seems like something that must be tried to sense the future of VR and how it can benefit our daily lives. This post will be updated with a YouTube video where I plan to give it my best and share the experience with you as much as possible. Anyone got one spare Oculus to share for the video? 😅

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